Hello Blogger!! How are you all? if you are running a blog and want to make more money online through your blog then here is the list of top 5 Indian bloggers and their monthly Income 2018. You can get inspired from them and increase your blog’s performance by reading their blogs.

And the Good thing is all are successful bloggers from India. They are blogging on their own topics like Technology, WordPress, Social media, Web hosting, Mobile, Web development, How-to guides and many more.

Are you Excited??

You can also make money from blogging like them. No big investment required for blogging. To be a successful blogger you just need keep patience and show your talent to the world through your writing. The money will automatically flow to your bank account.

Here we have listed top bloggers from India with their income and blog details. The details about their monthly income are estimated and taken from their own blog.

1. Amit Agrawal – Labnol.org

Amit Agrawal

  • Website: https://www.labnol.org/
  • Blogging Started: 2004
  • Domain Authority: 77/100
  • Global Alexa Rank: 16,041
  • India Alexa Rank: 3,628
  • Monthly Income: $80,000
  • Income Source: AdSense
  • Estimated Visits/month: 2.7M

2. Harsh Agrawal – ShoutMeLoud.com

harsh Agrawal

  • Website: https://www.shoutmeloud.com/
  • Blogging Started: 2008
  • Domain Authority: 68/100
  • Global Alexa Rank: 14,215
  • India Alexa Rank: 1,806
  • Monthly Income: $51,055
  • Income Source: Affiliates, Adsense
  • Estimated Visits/month: 1.7M

3. Faisal Farooqui – MouthShut.com

faisal farooqui

  • Website: https://www.mouthshut.com/
  • Blogging Started: 2000
  • Domain Authority: 68/100
  • Global Alexa Rank: 15,366
  • India Alexa Rank: 1,037
  • Monthly Income: $50,434
  • Income Source: Affiliates, Ad placements
  • Estimated Visits/month: 3.0M

4. Shradha Sharma – YourStory.com

Shraddha Sharma

  • Website: https://yourstory.com/
  • Blogging Started: 2008
  • Domain Authority: 75/100
  • Global Alexa Rank: 9,805
  • India Alexa Rank: 639
  • Monthly Income: $30,000
  • Income Source: AdSense
  • Estimated Visits/month: 3.6M

5. Varun Krishnan – Fonearena.com

Varun Krishnan

  • Website: https://www.fonearena.com/
  • Blogging Started: 2005
  • Domain Authority: 68/100
  • Global Alexa Rank: 27,534
  • India Alexa Rank: 2,395
  • Monthly Income: $22,000
  • Income Source: Adsense, Direct Ads
  • Estimated Visits/month: 1.8M

And Guess What??? Here is the most underrated blogger of the year 2018. It’s Me guys

6. Andy Jadeja – OkayBlogging.com

Andy Jadeja OkayBlogging

  • Website: http://okayblogging.com/
  • Blogging Started: 2017
  • Domain Authority: 00/00
  • Global Alexa Rank: 13655963
  • India Alexa Rank: Don’t Know
  • Monthly Income: 73$
  • Income Source: Adsense, Direct Ads, Affiliate
  • Estimated Visits/month: 5000Only

The last one is just for fun guys…

If you know any popular blogger that should be listed here then feel free to let us know by commenting in the comment section.


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