What is Local SEO? How to Do Local SEO in 2021

If you use a Smartphone, on the Internet, you must have done a search in a shop, restaurant, hotel, bar, coffee, bank ATM, petrol pump, parking space, grocery stores, post office, and hospital, in which search related to a place If it is on the Internet, we will give you information on how you can improve Search Engine Optimization SEO to rank Local Searches. This is called Local Search Or Local SEO.

Today, 7-8 out of 10 searches are done to find such Local Area. In such discoveries, the intention of the people was to show them a shop or store. Today we are going to guide you about Local SEO Tips.

Suppose there are 30-40 laptop repair stores in your city. Now if someone searches in your city, I have a laptop repair shop, then I will have a list of stores. Which I will come to know from Local Authority Search, so that I can get my laptop fixed.

Search Engine has 3 Search Results, chances of getting clicked are very high. These results are filtered according to your location. If you also have a store and it is coming on the second or third page of the Search Page, then it will be of no use.

Actually, Google pays more attention to 3 Ranking Factors to rank businesses in local searches. It works just like a normal SEO but is a little fun, in which Link Building, User Experience, Online Presence, and Website Page Load Speed also depend.

  1. Relevance : When searching on the Internet, that search matches Search Query very well according to a survey.
  2. Distance: From where the user has searched about the service, who gives the closest service from there.
  3. Performance: Who is the most popular in the business searched by the user. Despite doing this, they also use Google and many factories.

Google first uses social media and directories when searching for a local business.

Suppose there is no popular hotel in your city and the food is very tasty. Such people like to eat there, so they will also share social media with you. Thus Google finds that this hotel is fine and its authority has increased. His ranking starts coming up.

This means that the more Social Signals your business gets, the more you will benefit. Here we see what are the factors that we can work on to improve Local SEO Search.

What is Local SEO: How to SEO a blog?

This is a type of SEO with the help of which you can easily rank the local address and listings of your business, this can also be called Local SEO and Personal Search. 

In order to rank your blog in Google search engine and whatever SEO tips and ranking factors you use to get the blog to good search results, this is called Local Search SEO. 

1. Google My Business

Most people do not know about it. This is a free plot demonstration from Google, using which we can list our store or shop.

Most people do not know about it. This is a free plot demonstration of Google, using which we can list our Business, Store or Shop.

When you search for a store in a city, you come across both free and paid disclosures. Those who are paid get listed by paying, but the one who comes above the Organic Method comes due to SEO.

If you are running a store, then this SEO can be very beneficial for you. If you have an official website, with the help of Local SEO, you can do a lot of Traffic and Sales Generate.

2. Focus on service

To increase customer, you have to focus more on service. No matter how much SEO you do, if the customer is not satisfied with your service then you will not get any benefit of being ranked.

Conversely, if you give good service, people will automatically talk well. Will tell others about his service, discuss Social Media. By doing this, Google will increase your authority, which will improve the rank.

If you apply these factors well then you will get good SEO results.

3. Multimedia SEO

The role of images in your website is very important. When your business culminates in Google My Business, there are some attractive images to be seen. This is a huge impression.

People pay more attention to the image than to the text. If you post some good images or videos related to the business, it has a huge impact.
Therefore, you should use images.

4. Fast Page Load Speed

Most of the people use mobile while doing local search. Not every time you can connect mobile to high speed Wi-Fi.

Even today people in India use 3G or 4G. According to the location of each city, you get speed.

In such a situation, if your website takes much time to open, then you suffer big loss. So you try to increase the speed of the first page.

5. Mobile Friendly

Most local searches done on Google are done via mobile. In most cases, such a search is made when people are out of the house and looking for someone in their family.

In such a situation, your website is not mobile friendly, so people will close the website before reaching you. You make a huge loss in business. So pay little attention to the page speed of your website.

6. Keyword Research

It is most effective in local searches. Before doing Local SEO, you will need a strong keyword for your business.

If your business is limited to your city, then you have to focus more on it. Here you can focus on long-tail keywords.

Search for keywords used in your city and check their search volume. This will get you local customers in a very easy way.

7. Testimonials and Reviews

The role of review is very important in the online world. Reviews tell us whether a service or product is good. Most people definitely read Good Reviews while shopping online. Also about local searches

This is what happens.

Google’s search listings show good reviews, so people definitely visit them. You should demand positive reviews from your customer about your business.

If there is a choice of testimonials on the website, then write a testimonial there. Even you get to know that people like your business.

8. Schema Markup

Schema Markup is a type of code with which we can give important information about our website to Google.

Scheme markup gives the most benefit in business listings. Name, address, phone number of search engine from its website with the help of schema markup. Information is easily displayed to him.

If you have a business website, your social media profiles also appear in the Google My Business list.

If you add schema markup to your website, then in a way you are helping Google. You are making Google work easier, which will benefit you in ranking.

If you want to increase rankings in local searches, you must also use schema markup.

With Google’s Google’s Structure Data Tool, you can check whether Schema Markup is enabled in your website. If not, you can generate it using the plugin.

9. Citation

Citation means online listing of your business.

Whenever you search for a business, Google shows us some names, addresses and phone numbers. It is also called NAP. Where is such information known as a quotation?

Any website on which you create this NAP will be called Citation. This website can be anything like Business Directory, Classified website. To rank websites, we just create citations to increase rank in local searches, like we create backlinks.

Just as we need a website link for backlinks, the nut needs a citation. This means that a type of citation will go on the Internet, where your business’s NAP will be viewed.

Sites act like backlinks which means that citations are considered a powerful factor for ranking in local searches in Google’s eyes.

The more citations in your business, the higher your ranking. When creating a quote, you need to keep in mind that on every website you are creating a citation, there should be a uniform NAP.

The business name and address must exactly match. If any of the shortcut words are being used in the address, use the same shortcut words everywhere.

See 2 examples below.

#1 Near St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. 400001

#2 Opposite Saint Xavier’s College, Mumbai. 400001

The same place is mentioned in both the above addresses. But if you give an address in various ways when creating a citation, Google gets a little confused which has a bad effect.

When creating a quote, keep a fixed copy of the entire information, which can be used everywhere.

And the biggest thing that we should not forget while making a citation is the quality of citation yes. Suppose Google takes into account the citation for ranking, but it also looks at the authority of the website where you created the citation. So pay attention not only to quality, but also to quality.

You can use free website listings like Quikr, Indiamart, sulekha to create citation.


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