How to do Facebook News Page Registration?

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Facebook is a dedicated space for news on the news platform, wooing people worldwide.

Facebook News Page Registration has now become very easy, recently Facebook started indexing the news page in the Facebook News section.

Currently, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Sinhalese, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish are available in News Pages registration.

If you want to get more web traffic on your news website organically, then Facebook News Page Registration for them will have to be done.

What is News Page Registration?

There is an initiative to stop fake news due to Facebook news page registration which can filter the fake news media network into Facebook news section.

Facebook allows them to verify verified pages that publish news on Facebook to better identify and control fake news.

The News Pages Index is a list of those Facebook Verified News Pages, and Facebook says that any page that is primarily Journalistic should seek this verification.

Benefits of registering your Facebook news page Benefits of Registering Your Facebook News Page Benefits of registering your Facebook news page

Facebook is registering the growing news page in the news pages for indexing, which is a good effort to do False News Spot on Facebook .

Benefits of registering your Facebook news page:

  1. You can use policies for news publishers, such as those about social issues, elections and political advertisements.
  2. You can access Facebook products that will help you understand your audience.
  3. Your stories can appear in destinations for news on Facebook.
  4. You can gain access to Facebook products that engage customers.
  5. You can guide the development of Facebook news products.
  6. Facebook will help the publisher in a better way, so that you will also be able to improve your service.

Register Your Facebook Page to News Page

To register in the news page, it is necessary to connect in “Business Manager”. Any Business Administrator can apply for the news page from your page’s Business Manager.

News Page registration is an authentic source for filtering Facebook news, registering Facebook news page to show good news.

Facebook does not allow pages that do not qualify, Facebook’s fact-checking filter here does not allow fake news and unqualified page registrations.

1. Add website to Facebook page

Your website needs a news website, only then you will be eligible for it.

2. Verify Business

By doing business verification , you can do this in Business Manager only by having a number of publishing tools and the benefits of features that Facebook usually does not give you.

3. Verify the website domain

Domain Verify is mandatory in Business Manager so that the ownership of the news website you have given in the Facebook page can be certified that this website and business is yours.

4. Submit the application

By following a few steps in Business Manager, you can submit the application for news page registration.

5. Give the information of the publication to Facebook

Facebook news page gives you the facility of instant articles and Facebook page monetization, you can submit your business information, logo etc.

6. Facebook will review your application

Facebook wants you to connect your business with Facebook, all you need is your Facebook page to be eligible, Facebook can take up to one or two time to review your application.

Register Facebook News Page

If you have any question related to this, then you can ask through the comment.

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