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You must have heard about Cloudflare and almost every blogger uses it after some time in their blogging field.

But even more, we are going to give you information about the best and cheap Content Delivery Network and through this post we will tell you Bunny CDN Review, which is considered to be the best CDN in today’s time.

The most important thing is that it is quite cheap and even a simple blogger can use it easily.

As far as its setup is concerned, for this we will also tell you here a way through which you will be able to setup it easily with the help of a few clicks and it will also work perfectly.

What is BunnyCDN?

BunnyCDN is a lightning-fast CDN that is very economical and improves the performance of any website.

So that the search engine ranking, user experience, conversion and security of that website increases.

When a website loads, then 90% of the time it takes to load only CSS, Images, Fonts, JS, etc.

So you can understand that if we load these files through any content delivery network, then how fast our site can open.

A content delivery network is a geographically distributed network that shows its visitors in any part of the world by loading data from the nearest data center.

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Bunny CDN makes your website 3x faster.

There is a redressal of all the concerns of the website owner, which is very easy to setup and does its job easily.

But before that you need to understand what is this CDN?

CDN has a full form Content Delivery Network is an innovative way that reduces the load time of a website’s web page, increases the page speed.

To do this, it serves the visitor to the web content from the nearest location.

In general, a CDN provider is a cached copy of the content of the website which includes images, videos, CSS, Javascript files, and stores them in many of its data centers around the world and allows visitors to their nearest data center Serves web content.

For example, suppose you are blogging from India, but your visitors are all over the world, as are your target audiences in the United States, Britain and Australia.

You have kept your hosting on the US, but you want that the content of your content is also visible to visitors from England and Australia at the same speed as the visitors of America.

Because it will be here that your website will be hosted where the visitor of the same time will get less load time and speed will be good and for visitors of other location it will take a lot of time to load the website.

Now here you can understand that you can keep the website of the data center i.e. the same place, but you have to find some solution to serve the data.

So the best solution for this is that you have to use CDN. If their data center is in all countries, then the web content that you will have will also be stored in the data centers of Australia and UK and the visitors will be served the content from the same data center.

BunnyCDN is a Slovenia-based CDN service provider founded in October 2015 by Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel.

A team of highly skilled developers has worked behind it. Those who have made so much hard work since.

More than 10 years of experience helped him build a strong CDN network, which is quite affordable for you.

It was started in 2012. As today, using the hosting, a similar load time can not be obtained across the world.

Bunny CDN came as the solution. Which gave such a facility at a very low cost that you can keep the speed of the website in a way across the world.

Best features of Bunny CDN

  • Instant cache purging
  • 41 global data centers across 6 continents
  • HTTP/2, IPv6, Brotli, GZip
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Free one-click Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Edge rules
  • Raw logs
  • Custom CNAME hostnames
  • Override expire headers
  • Video delivery
  • Cloud storage
  • Wildcard domains
  • One-click CORS headers
  • Hotlinking protection
  • IP blacklisting
  • Block users by country
  • Origin shield
  • Intelligent routing
  • 95%+ cache HIT rate
  • Anycast DNS
  • Tier 1 networks
  • < 40ms global latency
  • Realtime statistics

Bunny CDN Datacenters

It is one of the most advanced CDNs in the world, which has been distributed to 53 PoPs till this year. This is the reason why it gives us less than 30ms latency.

Bunny CDN Support

Another special feature of BunnyCDN is that its support system is very active, which gives you response in less than 5 minutes. For this, you just have to open a ticket and also tell your problem in it.

According to their promise, they give you a response in less than 24 hours and also guarantee it. But believe him, he can give a response in less than 5 minutes.

They will support you completely and will keep solving your problem.

BunnyCDN Pricing

Talking about Bunny CDN Pricing, in this you pay money according to your usage, for which the platform provides ‘pay as you go’ facility.

There is no fix plan in it, but you will have to pay the same bill as much as you use it. Apart from this, the minimum billing that is done in it will definitely fetch you a bill of at least $ 1.

RegionBunnyCDN Pricing
Asia & Oceania$0.03 /GB
Europe & North America$0.01 /GB
South America$0.045/GB
Middle East & Africa$0.06 /GB

Which I think is much cheaper and is a great feature for the least traffic blog.

The amount to topup in this is at least $ 10 which you have to do at one time and this credit is your 12 months.

If you recharge once in 1 year, then your previous credit will not expire and will be linked to the next year’s credit.

Bunny Optimizer

Under this, there is an optimizer feature which is quite good and which dynamically converts the images to WebP format.

In addition, it also minimizes CSS and JavaScript files, which makes your website’s GT Matrix score even better, but you have to pay $ 9.5 / month to use this optimizer.

Bunny CDN Storage

This platform gives you very good facilities to deliver the content of your website. It is a cloud-based platform through which it provides its facilities.

That is why you don’t need to worry at all if your site is hosted in any web hosting (as this website is currently hosted on digital ocean ), then you can store them in your hosting and use only CDN from here. . The storage charge of this platform is $ 0.01 / GB per month.

Comparison of Bunny CDN with other CDN networks

If seen, according to CDNperf right now Bunny CDN comes as the number 11 CDN provider in the world.

Whose latency is 36ms. The top content delivery network in this list has a lot of posts, which is very expensive for an Indian blogger.

Source – cdnperf.com

Let’s talk about its competitor, which everyone knows very well.


The first number in this list is KeyCDN.

This platform offers free trial for 1 month, after which you have to deposit at least $ 50 for it, which is valid for 1 year.

Its performance is also very good, but you can see its pricing that if we use it on a Hindi blog in India, then the blogger will be very expensive.

RegionFirst 10 TB
per month
Next 40 TB
per month
Next 50 TB
per month
Over 100 TB
per month
North America & Europe$0.04/GB$0.03/GB$0.02/GB$0.01/GB
Asia & Oceania$0.09/GB$0.06/GB$0.04/GB$0.02/GB
Africa & South America$0.11/GB$0.08/GB$0.06/GB$0.04/GB


After this, the most famous is cloudflare.

Its reputations are very high, but its plan is completely different from all other platforms because if you want to use CDN in it, then nothing is available in the free plan.

For this, you will have to take one of the Pro, Business and Enterprise plans. Its Pro plan starts at $ 20 per month.

Then you get a chance to use its good features.

How to setup Bunny CDN?

By the way, CDN provides a plugin of its own so that you can setup it easily but still you may face a lot of problems in it if you are not expert in it.

We have come up with another good and easy way for you, with the help of which you just have to install a plugin that has been created by Gulshan Kumar Ji, the founder, and developer of gulshankumar.net.

They have created only one plugin to solve our problems so that all the sets connected with Bunny CDN become automatic.

This greatly reduces the TTFB (Time to first byte) of the website, which opens our website quite fast.

You can use this platform for 14 days absolutely free and for this you will not even need your credit card.

Let’s know how to set up this plugin.

step 1.

First of all, go to BunnyCDN and signup your account. You can create an account from here to get 14 days free trial.

Get 14 Days BunnyCDN Trial

BunnyCDN Promo Code Get $25 Free Credit


After that you can install and activate the Edge Caching & Firewall with BunnyCDN plugin. You can click on the button below to download the plugin.

Edge Caching & Firewall with BunnyCDN

Step – 3

After activating the plugin you have to go to the dashboard of your Bunny.net, go there under the account, copy the API key and then go inside WordPress and paste it as per the screenshot.

Now you click on the Setup Pullzone button. With this, all the necessary setup has to be done inside Bunny.net, it will be automatic from here.

Step – 4

Now as soon as this process is complete, the plugin will ask you to change some record type, as can also be seen in this screenshot.

You have to go to your domain provider and set up the given Record Type. My domain is connected to cloudflare, so you can see here that I have set up according to the record type given by the plugin.

Here you have to delete C Record and use CNAME.

Step – 5

As soon as this step is complete, after 10-15 seconds click on the Install SSL button. After this is successful, you will see a message. That is, your website is now being served by BunnyCDN.

Even after this, you can set up some extras if you want. For example, if you want to serve WebP images, then you have to install another plugin like Webp Express or EWWW etc.

Step – 6

After installing the plugin, you will have to come back inside it and select the option of Vary Cache.

Step – 7

Another special option here is that you can keep your original server safe so that you will be protected from DDos attack because your origin server will be completely secure.

For this, you have to enable Origin Access Token here.

In this way, when you open your account of Bunny.net, you will see a Pull Zone created from where you will be able to see all the statistics.

Advantages of Bunny CDN

According to Google, a slow website is not good for the user experience and this is the reason that now Speed has also been declared by Google as a ranking factor, i.e. from now on, on this scale too, the website will be checked and will see ranking accordingly. Will give.

If the speed of your website is low, then know that your website and your post are not going to achieve rank with this website. For this, you will definitely have to do something or the other.

In this post, we are talking about similar measures by which you can make your website like a superfast rocket, yes for which you must set up Bunny cdn.

Let us know what are the benefits of using this platform.

Protection From DDoS attack

If you do not know about this, then know that when an attack is made on your website, more requests are sent from the capacity, which increases the load of the server and the site is down.

This platform will always protect you from DDoS attack and your site will be safe worldwide.

WebP Images Support

The load time of the site is worked out by surveying the image in WebP format today. Through this plugin you can serve Bunny.net’s WebP.

Autoptimize supported

This plugin also works better with autoptimize which increases the performance of the site.

Improve Search Rankings

Google loves fast websites. With less load time and good speed, you can get ranking on the first page of Google because if the other websites are a slow, then the same websites will go ahead, whose speed is very good.

Decrease Bounce Rate

If the speed of your website will be good, then there will be another article along with user1 article, then it will also reduce your bounce rate.

Minimize Load Time

The shorter the return time, the higher your speed will be and the more the visitor will enjoy going from one page of your website to another.

Maximize Revenue

When your search engine optimization is good, now the speed will be good, then your visitors will also be more and your revenue will also increase.

Increase Conversion Rates

Due to good speed, your visitors will increase and your version rate will also be very good.


In today’s time, it is becoming very difficult for a slow website to go to the first page of Google.

It is not enough just to have good content, but with this, good speed of the website is also necessary. Which requires a good caching plugin and CDN provider with a good web hosting.

Although there are very good companies to offer this service, but not everyone can use expensive services. That is why through this article we have prepared BunnyCDN Review.

I have been using it myself for the last 20 days. My experience has been very good with it.

Money is being spent less and what should I say about the performance, it is amazing.

I hope you liked this article.

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