[Fix] Google Adsense Low-Value Content Problem in 2021

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Every blogger dreams of earning some money by writing good content in his blog and placing ads on it. Google Adsense accomplishes this task.

Getting Adsense approval is not as difficult as it seems. People consider it a bit complicated and spoil everything to make the site better. And in such a situation, they are not able to get Adsense Approval.

After applying, when the answer comes, then some error comes. So now Google’s algorithm does not just look at the outlook but also looks at the content whether this article is helpful to the people or not.

Low-value content is one such error. But we do not know how to fix this Adsense low-value content problem?

Today, through this article, we will understand the meaning of low-value content or thin content of Adsense and the reason behind the error.

I will tell you all the things related to this in this, and I will try to explain you in simple language so that if you ever get this error, you can solve it.

What is Adsense’s low-value content problem? 

Have you also got a similar mail on which it is written that –

“Low-value content – Your site does not yet meet the criteria of use in the Google publisher network.” For more information, review the following resources :

  • Minimum content requirements
  • Make sure your site has unique, high-quality content and a good user experience
  • Webmaster quality guidelines for thin content
  • Webmaster quality guidelines

After seeing this, people will often think that I have written excellent quality content; the word count is also fine, yet this error is coming.

This Adsense error does not come due to the lack of quality content and content word count. Instead, there are some other reasons for this, about which we will know below.

In 2011, Google updated an algorithm named Panda. Its only purpose is that the webmaster’s content is writing on his site is helpful to the people. And remove the one who is not fulfilling these criteria from the SERP ranking.

Before 2021, low-value content did not come as much, but now it has become the biggest obstacle.

What does thin content mean?

Like I mentioned above that quality content and the word count has nothing to do with it.

It simply means that some pages or articles on your website do not provide some value.

There could be some reasons for this,

  • Unwanted pages
  • Outdated articles
  • Broken links
  • Doorway pages

Unwanted Pages :

A few pages in your blogs to Noindex should be inside at that indexed due to improper settings and audience are not some value provide.

To find similar pages in your website/blog, you go directly to Google and search “site: your site.TLD

After that, you will see all the indexed pages. Then from that, you will know which pages should have been inside indexed.

Tags, page numbers, categories pages are all considered thin pages or thin content in the eyes of google.

Outdated Contents :

One of the fundamental mantras to get success in blogging is always to be fresh. Means always updating your old articles with the trend and writing new articles.

People do not get benefits from outdated content, and it is easily known to google that this content has become old and is no longer providing any value. So then your ranking also goes down, and your authority too.

Broken Links :

If your page is redirecting a link to another site or someone else’s page is redirecting a link to your site, I mean what we call Backlink, it is also necessary to audit.

A broken link means that the link you created is not working yet. There can be various reasons for this, such as if the link provider has added some other link in that place or the page in which your link is now indexed.

You can find and fix all this by doing a proper site audit.

Ahrefs is a great tool for this.

Doorway pages :

Suppose you search site: your site.TLD in Google, then you also see some such pages which do not matter if they are there or not. Like I mentioned above, tags, categories ( ), page numbers, blank pages, etc.

The sooner you can remove all these from google, the better. There are two ways to do this with the help of the Yoast SEO plugin, and if you want to do it manually, then with the help of URL removal of the google search console.

If you apply for Adsense through these pages, the chances of getting Adsense approved are very good.

How to Fix Low-Value Content Problem

Everyone knows what Adsense means for a blogger because it is considered to be the best ad network. And all that google keeps on looking for is the Adsense approval trick, but nothing like this trick happens.

The low-value content problem has become a common issue that is now coming to bloggers.

I will tell below how I can solve it in some steps, and I will also tell below how I prepared my site and got Adsense approval.

Tips 1# Don’t be too worried, first go to Ahrefs and do a site audit. You will get to know all the broken links in your site from this, then fix them. 

Tips 2#  Now it is the turn of Unwanted Pagination, i.e., doorway pages. You can see such pages by simply searching the site: your site.TLD on google, then copy those URLs and remove them with the help of the URL removal tool of the search console.

Tips 3 #  It has nothing to do with lack of content or word count. You first update your old contents by adding some new information. If you feel that there is nothing that can be added, then modify the title.


Tips 4 # With the help of Google trends, you write some articles on any recent topics and wait for them to be indexed.

Tips 5#  Resubmit Sitemap.

After doing all this, you have to submit the application of Adsense and wait for the approval.

Have you learned how to fix Adsense low-value content? 

Hopefully, now, if you face the problem of low-value content or thin content, then you can fix it by yourself. I also took Adsense approval by removing some such pages in my Blog OkayBlogging and adding some new content, and sharing this information with you according to your experience.

If you also came across this problem to apply this Adsense and after fixing it and got Adsense approval in 2021, then definitely tell by commenting below.

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